Bring Gigabit Broadband Access
to the Premises at Minimum Cost

About the Alliance

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Bring Gigabit Broadband Access to the premise with minimum cost reusing the existing copper wire cables, and build ecosystem around GiGA Wire Technology.
GiGA Wire is
- the most mature (commercially deployed)
- lowest cost (reuses existing cables at contained hardware costs)
- Viable (it provides expected speeds)
- Scalable (its architecture supports low and high density MDUs)
- and Future proof (roadmap for going beyond exists)
to provide Gigabit services in MDU environment. Its successful deployments show this and its application in different markets is possible. Sharing experiences and create interoperable ecosystem involving all its different parts will contribute to proliferate among players that focus on Gigabit Broadband Access deployment
GiGA Wire Alliance Tasks
Main goal of organization is to create the interoperable ecosystem and forum for fostering continuous improvement of GiGA Wire for its proliferation worldwide